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I don't know if anybody is even going to see this, but here goes anyway.
There are only 9 prompts so far for the HD Glompfest @ serpentinelion and that is just way too little.
This is your chance to finally see that plotbunny come to life.

So all go and prompt NOW ..... direct link to the Prompting Post
(the ad links go the info post)

My Fav. Webcomics

My Favourite Webcomics 

Here is a list of webcomics I'm reading. At some point in time I will review each of them, but at the moment this is just a banner list. All are either Complete or Ongoing and update frequently (i.e. weekly or ever other week or every month).
They are listed ALPHABETICALLY by title.

BL Comics [Both Yaoi (= smut) and Shounen-Ai (= more implied BL or serious Bromance)]

BL's Love under the Cut ...Collapse )

Fandom Fests 2012 - Recs

Fest I follow and the recs of certain fics. This is WIP Project, so at the moment it is rather empty but I hope it will developed further.

HP Fandom
- HD MPreg Fest 2012 [13-05-2012 - ] : Week 01 - Week 02 - Week 03

Rec - HD MPreg Story

Sperm Cow by empathic_siren
Pairing: Draco x Harry (Top!Draco / Preg!Harry)
Rating: NC-17 / Pub.Date: 02-11-2007 / # Words: ~12.000
Genre: Post-Hog: EWE
Dialogue/Banter, Flangst, Humour, MPreg, Romance: Getting Together, Slice of Life: Domestic, Slash, Smut
Sum.: Draco needed an heir and he set his sights on Harry's sperm. Harry just wanted a family. Well, and maybe Draco, too. Toss in a few life debts, a few obscure parental rights laws, and two clueless men who think they have it all figured out, and you have one heck of farce.
Warnings: /

Rec Sperm CowCollapse )

Fest Rec: Samhain Smut 2012

The people have spoken. There was more than enough interest in another round of samhain_smut to warrant a 2012 edition, and so now, my Halloweenies, the time is upon you to put on your Wizards' and Witches' caps and come up with BRILLIANTLY SMUTTY SCARIER FIC & ART, but mainly smutty :)! - by ragdoll(mod. of samhain_smut)

The Harry Potter Halloween Fic and Art Fest.


More Info ...Collapse )
HD MPreg & HD Smooch OVERDOSE ... I just can't go on ...
I have been trying to keep up with all the reading and the reccing, but I sadly have to admit defeat.
Both HD Mpreg & HD Smooch Fest have produced literal avalanches of fics & art pieces. And while that is brilliant because it means HD Fandom is still very much alive, I have to admit I'm all fandommed out. While the fics are all still on par with the HD fest standards and I'm sure they are all brilliantly written, I'm just not enjoying them because I've had an overload on HD. So I'm going to stop reading and come back in a couple of weeks when I will be able to properly appreciate them.

The Last fic I read was one inspired by one of my prompts over at HD Mpreg, and thus it would have been rude not to read it and I'm glad I did because it was exactely what I wanted :)!!!!:

Teddy’s Turmoil - 12-06-2012 - Preg!Harry
.: Teddy doesn’t mind Cousin Draco living with him and Uncle Harry. Not anymore.
Here is the comment I wrote for it:
Teddy's Turmoil's Comment ...Collapse )

2 HP Recs - Harry x Weasley

HP Recs - Harry x Weasley

Why Harry Loves Seamus by aunt_agatha
Pairing: HarryxRon (Top?: irrelevant)

Rating: NC-17 / Pub.Date: 01-06-2009 / # Words: ~4.500
Genre: Hog.: EWE (kind of 8th Year, but not officially)
Dialogue/Banter, Flangst, H/C, Humour, POV [Harry], Romance: Getting Together, Slice of Life: Coming of Age + Friends, Slash, Smut
Sum.: A game of Truth and dare leads to some interesting discoveries
Warnings: /

My Thoughts on "Why Harry Loves Seamus" Collapse )

No strings attached by jadzialove
Pairing: GeorgexHarry  (Top!George + implied switching) / Other Pairings: Hints at Pre-Ge/OMC, Pre-H/S
Rating: NC-17 / Pub.Date: 25-08-2007 / # Words: ~3.700
Genre: Post-Hog.: EWE
Flangst, H/C, Romance&Friendschip, Slice of Life, Slash, Smut
Sum.: Harry helps out George, and gets a little helping of his own
Warnings: /
AN: I think I just might've managed to write a Harry/George fic that remains true to my Snarry heart. (Oh go on, you know you're curious now.)
My Thoughts "No Strings Attached" ...Collapse )
The Sorting Hat: A Comprehensive Harry Potter Personality Assessment
Just took a HP Sorting Hat test @ HelloQuizzy and I'm surprised by the House I ended up in, but not actually surprised about the precentage of each house I got - I was pretty evenly spread really.
It is a pretty coprehensive test - 125 y/n questions - and the questions are pretty varied. You can kind of guess manipute it if you wanted to because some questions are fairly obvious what house they pretain to and what the right answer would be, but because there are quite a few questions and some are just plain off topic it does make it harder to cheat.
So if you aven't taken a test yet and you want to know in which house you'd likely end up in, I would recommened this quiz. Go do it, it is great fun J!

My House is ...Collapse )

My HP Husband

My Results of the Harry Potter Husband Test

If you haven't done this test yet, you should definitely try it. It is great fun and I have to admit I was a bit surprised by the results :)!!

My Perfect HP Husband ...Collapse )

So Go and Have fun and find out who is you HP Match Made in Heaven :)