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2 HP Recs - Harry x Weasley

HP Recs - Harry x Weasley

Why Harry Loves Seamus by aunt_agatha
Pairing: HarryxRon (Top?: irrelevant)

Rating: NC-17 / Pub.Date: 01-06-2009 / # Words: ~4.500
Genre: Hog.: EWE (kind of 8th Year, but not officially)
Dialogue/Banter, Flangst, H/C, Humour, POV [Harry], Romance: Getting Together, Slice of Life: Coming of Age + Friends, Slash, Smut
Sum.: A game of Truth and dare leads to some interesting discoveries
Warnings: /

-- I love clueless&naive!Harry
-- I loved how after the war the school dynamics, despite being more friendly, are still the same. So there are still school rivalries, Slytherin and Gryffendor are not all of a sudden best buds etc.
-- Plus everyone was so teenage-ish that it was brilliant. There conversations were things that all teenager talks about;  the inner workings of school dynamic and everyone's reaction to all the bits of gossip were spot. This was a real good Highschool fic that was fun to read even if you are not a teenager yourself - so think well-written teen-flick movie/book that all ages can enoy vs mediocre teen-flick that only teenagers enjoy ... this fic falls in the good teen-flick catergorie.
-- Seamus and Dean are not the side-gays. I liked that the author choose to not make them gay and a couple. Quite often that happens to make Harry less alone, but I think it often turns a fic into an “Everyone-is-Gay” scenario. I embrace the rainbow and all that what-not, but being a homosexual still means belonging to a minority - more people are still hetero than homo or bi - and thus I don’t really like “everyone-is-gay” fics. While Dean/Seamus can work as a side pairing in a Drarry story for example, it is a bit awkward in Harry/Ron or Harry/other Gryffendor.
-- Spoiler Smutty Scene ***
Absolutely loved that they did not have anal sex, but did the thing between the thighs … Harry is def. a virgin, Ron is def. also one when it comes to guys … taking anything into your body (male or female) is a huge moment – esp. your first time with anyone and def. your FIRST TIME! So loved that they are taking it “slow”! ***
-- The fic was set up nicely and felt very realistic, this was a great 8th year fic!

No strings attached by jadzialove
Pairing: GeorgexHarry  (Top!George + implied switching) / Other Pairings: Hints at Pre-Ge/OMC, Pre-H/S
Rating: NC-17 / Pub.Date: 25-08-2007 / # Words: ~3.700
Genre: Post-Hog.: EWE
Flangst, H/C, Romance&Friendschip, Slice of Life, Slash, Smut
Sum.: Harry helps out George, and gets a little helping of his own
Warnings: /
AN: I think I just might've managed to write a Harry/George fic that remains true to my Snarry heart. (Oh go on, you know you're curious now.)

Usually I don’t really like “Friends with benefits” stories. I get meaningless sex or 1 night stands or sex with someone you are not really close to … but with one of your close friends? That just seems like crossing boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed. Then there is the fact that these stories always leave me feeling like I’m caught in a chatch-22 where I don’t want them to end up as lovers because the whole point was that they weren’t IN love with each other but they just found each other convenient, but then again I usually hate it when they break up and have a HEA with someone else!!!
But here Harry and George were very IC and one also felt that they loved each other but were not IN love. The fic also showed how both got what they needed out of the deal without crossing certain boundaries and the end was believable. While still not convinced of the actual success of a Friends-with-benefits situation, I did like this fic and the author did manage to suspend my disbelief of situation.