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First Age Statement: I was born in 1987 - I am over the legal age anywhere in the world!

I'm a English literature graduate. as you probably guessed I really enjoy reading – scifi, fantasy, literature, chick-lit, thriller, drama, humour, even well written teen and children books, …. Pretty much anything as long as it isn’t too depressing or scary!!! The same goes for movies, I stay away from movies that would have me crying the whole time or screaming and hiding behind my younger brother – since I don’t see any reason to try and actively embarrass myself.
A couple of years ago I discovered manga and fanfiction and I have to admit that reading Yaoi / BoysLove / Shounen Ai / Slash … or whatever you want to call has become a guilty pleasure of mine. And I’m slightly jealous of all those wonderful Fanfic writers and manga translators out there, even though I love reading I couldn’t for the life of me write a decent story!

Besides reading, I enjoy swimming and I have just signed up for “zumba” – a kind of African dance sport where you have to jump up and down a lot. Supposedly it is a great fat buster, but since I’m not the most sportive person I’m not sure how long I’ll keep that up ;)!!! (Edit:I managed to go for 7 months and then got fed up with having to bike 20 minutes to get there. The biking to wasn't such a problem, it was the biking back bit that ended the Zumba dream. But it was great fun. And now I have replaced it with running!! Which is absolutely horrid sports, but it doesn't eat up a lot of your time.).

For the rest I go to work, try and keep on top of all my assignments, go out with friends and shop – yes, I’m a girl ;)!. Oh and we just bought a Play Station 3, so I’m attempting to not die in the first 5 minutes of all the new games we bought. (Edit: I'm getting quite good at a couple of games, but apparently it is good that we have the wireless controls since I get a bit too overexcited while playing.)

As you can see keeping an internet diary is not one of my hobbies, so I won’t be writing all that much on this journal. I mainly got it so I could read the wonderful fanfics and review them, since I think it is very important to show your appreciation as a reader. Because I know I would give up as writer if no one encouraged me or showed their gratitude. (Edit: I have attempted to be an avid commenter, but I do sometimes turn into a lurker. But that is usually when I'm too tired or just plain not in the mood to come up with something intelligent and I refuse to just be another 'squee' commenter. I'm of the opinion that comments should reflect what I thought of the fic/art and highlight the bits I thought were great and maybe add a bit of constructive critism if I thought there were weak or weird moments. But I have decided to try harder to stop the inner lurker in me)

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